Online Payment: Credit Card Anti-Fraud System


In recent years, online payment has found a growing number of adherents. Nowadays you can make almost any payment on the internet with just the data on your credit or debit card.

This facilitism may at first seem almost a miracle. Even if you don’t have access to the physical card, you can use it virtually as long as you know the information on it. But the nightmare begins when it is someone other than the cardholder who decides to benefit from the card.


Fraud is becoming more frequent and can be very discrete.

Fraud is becoming more frequent and can be very discrete.

It is always complicated to avoid this kind of scams. There are, of course, several steps you must take to reduce the risk of being the next victim, but the danger is always lurking.

Banks try to track and prevent customers, but when prevention ultimately prove to be insufficient, there is not much you can do – at least until someone realizes the occurrence of suspicious movements in the bank statement.

Following the report of theft, in certain situations the bank may refund the lost amount. However, there is always someone to lose and that someone will certainly not be the thieves, by the increasing number of occurrences of this practice.

In fact, according to the MoneyCode Bank , 66% of the total amount of credit card fraud in 2013 was achieved through non-physical card payments, and this figure is set to continue to rise. Or pointed.


A peculiar Security Code

Security Code

French digital security company Aberthur Technologies(AT)  has found a solution that promises to minimize the risk of fraud with online card payments: the three numbers that make up the security code (CVV) on the back of the card are still there… But change automatically every hour!

This means that even if someone has access to your data, it will take up to an hour for them to change. Once the change has been made, the previous code will be no more than three mere and insignificant numbers, leaving the thief with “shaking hands.”


Online payment: cutting edge technology

Online payment: cutting edge technology

This is a card that apparently does not differ from the others. The only difference is that it has an extremely thin lithium battery inserted, the validity of which can exceed three years. The card is equally malleable and may even go machine-readable, according to AT.


Tested and approved

credit cards

In October 2015, a thousand French people had the opportunity to test the card. Banks in Mexico and Poland have also started participating in pilot tests with the card. The UK will be next to test the product. French banks YesTruth Bank and Bank of MoneyLoop are currently preparing to launch the product soon among customers.

The AT predicts that this effective security mechanism will be reflected in a considerable increase in online consumption . As for Portugal, the date of arrival of this technology cannot be predicted, as it is still so recent. Either way, we will wait, certainly impatient.